Women Helping Women Grow Their Businesses

As part of 8.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., Denton County women are contributing significantly to the overall economy. According to a recent American Express study of 1997 and current Census Bureau reports, the number of women-owned businesses grew by 50% while the total number of businesses grew by only 34%.

“Women are driving the growth of our smaller businesses,” said Susan Sobbott of American Express. “During a period when larger enterprises grew at the expense of small, privately held firms, women-owned businesses actually grew faster than men-owned firms up to the 100-employee threshold and million dollar revenue marks.” (source: San Diego Daily Transcript)

The Women Business Owners of Denton County provides area businesses the resources they need to grow their businesses. We offer monthly meetings, workshops, networking events as well as other educational opportunities throughout the year.

What Our Members Have to Say

“I have really enjoyed meeting with other women in the business world.  We share work related experiences, the experience of juggling home and business, and the friendship of women who have built a successful business.  I highly recommend this group of professionals!”  -- Lynn Jones,  Ranch and Commercial Specialist, Distinct Financial Solutions

“As a small business owner, being actively involved in WBODC has been very beneficial to my business. Over the years I’ve been involved (since 2004), I’ve developed very deep and lasting relationships with women and business owners with whom I probably would not have otherwise. As I’ve grown from being the only person in my business to managing five employees and various contractors, these women have helped me to define the direction in which I want my company to grow.” — Louellen S. Coker, Founder and Chief Content Coach at Content Solutions

“I enjoyed everything about the workshop: the great company, beautiful location, and the great speakers. I will use basically everything I’ve learned today!” — Fall Workshop Survey Feedback